Oral Health

Simple Strategies for Relieving Oral Pain Caused by Cancer Treatment
Oral HealthSide-Effects Management
Dental hygienist Kris Potts breaks down the side effects, such as dry mouth and oral ulcers associated with cancer treatments and lists treatments available to combat these problems.
Dry Mouth Challenges for Patients with Oral Cancer
Oral CancerOral Health
Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH, explains the problems associated with having a dry mouth, and how it can cause complications for anyone with oral cancer. She advises talking to your cancer care team to see how to prevent these issues.
Bone Marrow Transplants and Oral Health for Patients with Blood Cancers
Oral HealthTransplantsLymphomaLeukemiaMultiple Myeloma
Two oral health experts offer a thorough exploration of bone marrow transplants and how they relate to the mouth, with many tips for maintaining proper oral care during and after a transplant.
Dental Health & Cancer Treatment
Dental Care & CancerOral Health
A cancer diagnosis brings a flood of concerns from several unexpected areas. Would you believe one of those areas could be your mouth?

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