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A Little Help from Our Friends
EssaysBreast CancerEndometrial Cancer
Sometimes a small gesture can save a life. Just ask this survivor.
A Brief Guide to Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Approximately 7 of every 10 breast cancers are “HR-positive.” This guide will help explain the nuances of this diagnosis.
A Brief Guide to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
This article outlines the risk factors and unique characteristics of triple-negative breast cancer, or TNBC, which affects between 10% and 20% of all patients with breast cancer.
Drugs for Breast Cancer
Breast CancerFinancial Support
Find financial assistance programs available for breast cancer drugs.
When Cancer Asked Me What I Was Made Of
Patient StoriesBreast Cancer
After a 20-year career as a biomedical breast cancer researcher, Dr. Dana Brantley-Sieders was diagnosed with breast cancer and discovered that her scientific expertise didn’t prepare her for the challenges she faced as a patient.
My Race to Be Cancer-Free
Patient StoriesBreast Cancer
Sara Gilles, an athlete and physical therapist who completed several Ironman triathlons, was shocked by her breast cancer diagnosis in her early 50s. Her husband had to tell others about her diagnosis, because she was too traumatized to say “I have breast cancer.”
A Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Stumbling into Advocacy in Nigeria
Breast CancerPatient Advocacy
Ngozi Ejedimu was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39, after having a benign lump removed at age 19, and after experiencing firsthand the uninformed Nigerian breast cancer culture, she became an advocate for health literacy for Nigerian women.
Listening to Yourself: Lessons from My Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Patient StoriesBreast Cancer
Ann Glover found a lump on her chest in 2020, and learned the negative emotional impact a doctor can have on a patient by delivering news in an uncaring manner.
Addressing Disparities in the Care of Patients with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Disparities in Cancer CareBreast Cancer
Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive cancer that is often diagnosed at later stages. Dr. Gary discusses the many alarming gaps in the quality of care for Black and Hispanic women.
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