Personalized Medicine

Bringing Hope to Patients with Stage IV Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Personalized MedicineLung Cancer
Dr. Sharon explains the impact of biomarker testing and targeted therapies on patients with non–small-cell lung cancer, highlighting the importance of personalized medicine in lung cancer.
Precision Medicine Might Have Made a Difference for My Mom: It Could Help Patients with Cancer Today
Personalized MedicineGenetics & Cancer
After losing her mom to stage IV squamous-cell carcinoma, Kerry Cooke is now focusing on helping other patients with cancer, explaining the benefits of CureMatch, a new artificial intelligence technology that can determine the best treatment for individual patients with cancer.
Understanding Personalized Medicine and Genetics in Cancer: Why This Matters to Patients
Personalized MedicineGenetics & CancerTargeted Therapies
Sometimes we hear words that sound familiar but we don’t fully know their meaning. This article explains the common terms “personalized medicine” and “targeted therapy” used by oncologists, and why we need to understand them.
What Are Biomarkers and Precision Medicine in Oncology? An Interview with W. Michael Korn, MD
Personalized MedicineBiomarkers
Understanding the specific biomarkers associated with each patient’s cancer helps to select the best therapy that targets that unique biomarker to improve the chance of survival for that patient.
Understanding Hereditary Biomarkers Versus Tumor-Specific Biomarkers—What’s the Difference?
BiomarkersGenetics & CancerPersonalized Medicine
One-size-fits-all medicine is a thing of the past. Cancer, at its core, is a genetic disease. Today’s advances in cancer research mean that doctors can now tailor a personalized treatment to the patient’s specific cancer type.
Telling Patients About CAR T-Cell Therapy
ImmunotherapyLeukemiaLymphomaPersonalized Medicine
Nurse Navigator Claire White describes the way she tells her patients what CAR T-cell therapy is and how it works.
What Is Personalized Medicine, and Why Is It Important for Cancer Treatment? Interview with Dr. Ross Maclean
ImmunotherapyPersonalized Medicine
An interview with Ross Maclean, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President, Head of Medical at Precision Health Economics, Princeton, NJ, about the importance of personalized medicine in the treatment of cancer.

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