Nutrition & Cancer

Nutrition to Combat Fatigue
Nutrition & Cancer
There’s no simple solution to treat fatigue; instead, improving your energy level may require a few different strategies—nutrition is one of them.
A Healthy Diet May Reduce the Risk of Cancer
Nutrition & Cancer
Based on current and evolving scientific evidence, the cancer prevention guidelines have been shifting from a nutrient-centric approach to a more holistic approach of diet that is characterized as dietary patterns.
Clinical Trial Aims to Reduce Malnutrition in Patients with Lung Cancer
Nutrition & CancerLung CancerClinical Trials
Combating malnutrition should be at the forefront of cancer care, as studies have shown that up to 80% of patients with cancer are malnourished at some point during their treatment. Dr. Spees describes a new clinical trial focused on improving the nutrition of patients with lung cancer.
Nutrition Tips for Young Patients Facing Cancer
Nutrition & CancerPediatric Cancer
Maintaining good nutrition is especially important for children and young people who are still growing and developing. These recommendations will help them stay healthy and maintain good appetite while fighting cancer.
Why a Healthy Diet Is So Important for Patients with Gastric Cancer
Nutrition & CancerGastric Cancer
“Because gastric cancers involve the digestive system, following a healthy diet is especially important for patients with this type of cancer,” says Martha Raymond, Founding Executive Director of the GI Cancers Alliance.
Foods to Consume or Avoid When You Have Cancer
Nutrition & Cancer
Arming yourself with a healthy diet during and after cancer treatment can optimize healing and improve your quality of life.
Nutrition Tips for Patients with Lung Cancer: Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
Lung CancerNutrition & Cancer
Oncology nutritionist Julie Lanford presents nutrition tips for patients with lung cancer, advocating for a health plan to combat unintentional weight loss and managing poor appetite.
Food Safety and Healthy Habits During Social Distancing
Nutrition & Cancer
Registered dietitian Julie Lanford offers patients with cancer key points for a nourishing diet and maintaining good health while social distancing.
Healthy Food Habits for Colon Cancer Risk Reduction and Survivorship
Nutrition & CancerColorectal Cancer
Oncology dietitian Julie Lanford offers tips on how to reduce the risk of colon cancer, as well as strategies for survivors during and after cancer treatment.
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